Wish upon a star!
 shooting star
A few nights ago was the Perseid Meteor showers and while laying on my back watching the shooting stars streak across the sky at a rate of up to a few a minute, I said to my sweetie “That’s a lot of wishes!”  It got me thinking about wishes.
When I was young I used to say to my mom “I wish it was Christmas” or “I wish it was my birthday”, she would respond with “you’re wishing your life away, when you get older you won’t do that!” Well, once again mother was right, I don’t do it anymore. Time flies fast enough as it is, but maybe I should still wish for other things.
What is a wish?  I think it is just another way to put positive thoughts out into the universe.  Aren’t your wishes done with conviction?  You say “I really, reallyREALLY want … “now that’s conviction!  All that needs to happen after that is the belief that it will come true and begin acting to make it happen.  This is what the power of positive thinking is all about.  I suppose it’s the certainty and fervor that you contemplate your wish with that makes it so powerful.  You’ve seen children wish – before they blow out their birthday candles – they scrunch their eyes tightly shut and silently mouth their wish.  All the time hoping and praying that their wish comes true.  When they open their optimistic, little eyes there is the roller skates or video game that they just had to have!
Next time you break a turkey wishbone, do it with the determination and conviction that your wish deserves. Phrase it in a positive way and prepare to receive your wish, make room for it in your life.  Let me know how it works for you.  Right now for me, I’m going outside “Twinkle, twinkle little star . . .”
~ Marce’
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  1. Deborah Roundtree says:

    Hi Marce,
    I met you during some kayak events and here you are on the web doing this work! How perfect! You are the best teacher I ever had, and I feel lucky to know you. You’re optimistic and challenging, and have taken me to the next level in many ways. I look forward to seeing and hearing more.
    Best, Elle

    • Marce says:

      Thanks Elle, that is nice of you to say. Check back with us often as the Wise SOTSS have lots of new and exciting things happening in 2014!

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