I was born late in the Baby Boom, I guess that makes me a late Boomer. I grew up playing catch and going camping with my three brothers. I’ve been working since I was very young and put myself through college so it took a while (OK, eleven years), only the second one in my family to graduate.

I work in healthcare finance, a challenging and rewarding field that fits my responsible and analytical nature. Before I make a decision, I want all the information and I think about all the possible outcomes. I worry: about family, money, health, security, about what people think, about doing the right thing or saying the wrong thing.

I married at 26 and met Marce’ through my ex-husband but only when Marce’ married his best friend did we become friends. When our marriages both ended at the same time, we did the only logical thing: moved in together! We lived for about a year in a cozy apartment as we started over and found happiness with new partners.

Through Marce’, I met Susan. When I needed to get away, Susan opened her home to me even though she had recently suffered a tragic loss. That’s Susan, always generous and giving.

Last summer, Susan gave me an incredible gift, an audio-book about the Law of Attraction. It transformed my life. Not the outward, material things (yet) but my inner reality. I’m not a pessimist, more a realist. Optimists (like Susan and Marce’ and my new husband, Richard) used to make me crazy. Their made up world made no sense to me.

I understand now that my dark world was made up, too. I decided, if I’m going to live in a made up world, I would go join them in the happy one. I still want to know and I still think ahead, but just enough to act TODAY. I let go of controlling everything. I worry less and I’m more open. The universe started bringing very interesting things into that space.

I travel frequently for work. One night, on my hotel notepad, I drew a self portrait. It was really hideous but I tried again and drew one that looked like me. I can’t draw and I don’t know why I did then but once I started, I kept going. I drew Susan and then Marce’ and then cartoons of the three of us talking about the Law of Attraction. Ideas came to me as I awoke or in the shower. I cracked myself up, drawing these cartoons. They were silly but kept me happy and busy while I was on the road. I showed Marce’ and Susan and they thought the cartoons were funny, too. Those cartoons became the Wisecracks.

The universe kept leading us on. A random book from a garage sale sparked the idea for this website and we created the Wise SOTSS. Richard gave me great advice when I was full of anxiety one day: Be your own best customer. So I am. I need the support and encouragement of the Wise SOTSS every day, lest I get sucked back into that dark world of worry. I want to share this incredible gift that changed my life, hang out with my friends and have fun as we create the lives of our dreams!