SOTSS Salutes

Matt Wechsler is the mastermind behind the Wise SOTSS site development. He listened to what we wanted to do and never once said it couldn’t be done. I love his attitude and amazing ability to make it happen…what ever our crazy idea. I’m so grateful for his guidance through this entire process. Please don’t put his website on here, I don’t want to share him with anyone…he’s all ours! lol Just kidding…you would be so lucky to work with him. I know we are! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. ~ Susan

Matt, Matt, Matt – How do I ever begin to thank you for your incredible patience and good humor while teaching me the inner workings of the WiseSOTSS website? I am proof that you CAN teach an old dog new tricks, you just have to want to learn them! You made me believe that I can do it, I am incredibly appreciative of that. Your always-positive attitude and smile are inspirational to all SOTSS! Here’s a “cheers” to you, a bubbly glass of André, of course! ~ Marcé

Matt is a true “yes” man! Whatever we want to do with the website, he says, yes, he can help us do it. He embodies the Wise SOTSS attitude of thinking positively. Our website is fun and interesting because of Matt’s ability to hear our ideas, see our vision and figure out the technical components needed to make them work (and gently guide us away from the not so great ideas). Matt is the Law of Attraction in action and I’m so grateful that we attracted him to us. Thanks, Matt, for all you do! ~ Diana


Drew Wise….wow…I’d love to take a walk in his brain. Drew is bubbling over with talent. If you ever want animation artwork, Drew is your man. He is responsible for taking Diana’s left handed drawings and developing them into adorable avatars…especially mine. lol Our logo is the work of Drew Wise and I’m so proud to show it off…and not just the logo but the fact that it was my nephew’s creation. ~ Susan

There has always been an artistic trait in the Wise family, but it seems to be really peaking with Drew. His imagination and artistic abilities are impressive. Thank you so much for sharing your talents with us. Aunt Marcé is really proud of you! ~ Marcé

Drew Wise took the sketches I drew and re-drew them to make them come alive. He is amazingly talented and I wish I could claim some shared DNA but I can’t. I can just hope some of his creativity rubs off on me and I can give him something better to work with next time! Salute’ ~ Diana


Dave Corey is a creative genius and I can’t thank him enough for all of his in-studio help on the Wise SOTSS website. Dave has an amazing ability to grasp our ideas and bring them to life with the amazing audio on our roller coaster opener. When he put it all together for the first time, I really felt we had something special here. He’s a great director and lord knows we need some direction. Dave you’re the best! ~ Susan

Thanks, Dave, for your generosity and talent. While working with you in the studio to lay down the tracks (that’s “the biz” lingo) for our animation, I felt like a real actor! It was so much fun and professional. BTW – love the zebra print! ~ Marcé

When we told Dave what we wanted to do, he didn’t say “Yes, but…” He said, “YES!!!! AND…” and took our sound animation beyond our wildest dreams. Thank you, Dave, for your generosity and enthusiasm. You are a genius. Cheers! ~ Diana


Karla Kalos is our ALPHA SOTSS! I was so thrilled when Karla purchased the very first membership! I value the feedback and comments you have shared during our developmental period and for your continued support. I love you and your sense of humor. Isn’t it great having such an extended family? Sisters, sisters everywhere! ~ Marcé

Karla has been so inspirational in the way we present the Wise SOTSS, her input is so valuable. I love her honesty. She says it like it is…thank you so much for your support. For me, Karla really is family…she’s my sister-in-law and I’m one lucky girl to have this wonderful person in my life. I am attracting so many sisters these days. Love it! Big giant hugs Karla. ~Susan

Karla is fun, honest, supportive, a true Wise SOTSS and our touchstone. She became a member as soon as she could and her enthusiasm inspired us to be better. Thank you, Karla, for keeping us real. Love you! ~ Diana