They say that laughter is the best medicine.  It’s a scientific fact!  It has health benefits similar to meditation, as recently reported in the LA Times,  so go ahead and enjoy those funny animal videos on YouTube!  No need to feel guilty, you are actually doing something positive to benefit your health and your spirit.  Be sure to find the ones that make YOU laugh out loud, because there is a difference between real laughter and fake laughter.

Laughter is good for you.  Laughter is contagious.  Laughter is addictive, we just can’t get enough of it.  Laughter connects people and builds relationships.  You can even play games to build up your laughing muscles.  Remember the Jelly Belly?  I bet you do!  If you don’t, check out our podcast as we “Take On”  a good belly laugh.

The world needs more laughter and we’re here to do our part!

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