David Pollock – Safe Beauty Expert

JustAskDavid.com – Beauty Expert that believes a woman’s beauty comes from within, but if make up gives us a little confidence – then lets do it safely!

Recently named one of the ’20 to Know’ by Global Cosmetics Industry (GCI), David Pollock has more than twenty years experience in the personal care industry and developed products generating hundreds of millions of dollars for some of the most recognized names in the business, including: L Oreal SkinCeuticals, Smashbox, ,Home Shopping Network, Art of Shaving, Bliss, Brookstone, Desert Essence, Hydron, Hydrox C, Alpha Max, Fuller Brush, Reliv, Shaklee, Ted Gibson and more.

Today, David Pollock – beauty expert, has turned in to a whistle blower, revealing secrets the beauty industry does not want you to know! As a consumer advocate, David Pollock is focused on bringing a change to the beauty industry and leading the movement to healthy, safe living by removing harmful, even toxic ingredients from products we use every day.

David Pollock publishes an on-line magazine JustAskDavid.com, his recently published book that they tried to ban – Just STOP The LIES!, plus has a national daily radio segment Until You Hear This!

Dave Corey

- Actor, Creative Director WLYF Miami and WiseSOTSS Director & Engineer

Dave Corey has performed in over 30 television and film productions. He currently serves as Screen Actors Guild (SAG) National Board Director representing Southeast Region of U.S. and was the former National Vice President of American Federation of Radio and Television Artists (AFTRA) and President of Miami Local of AFTRA and currently as VP of Miami Local Chapter of AFTRA.

To add to Dave’s busy life, since 2005 he has been the Creative Services Director at 101.5 LITE FM, Miami. This is where he became friends with Susan. That is where Dave landed his most challenging role – as the director and engineer for the Wise SOTSS audio books. We love Dave and know you will too. Check out our honorary BOTSS (Brothers of the Secret Secret) !

Brandon York

-Marce’s Son

Susan and Brandon conspired to have him “drop in” for our WiseSOTSS recording for Mother’s Day. My eyes are filled with tears of joy and pride. I can’t write anymore . . . just watch. I love you Brandon – Thank you!

Vicky Pestrichelli

- President Inspiration University

The formula for finding inspiration is probably different for everyone, but in the case of Vicky Pestrichelli and Valerie Stuut, take two long time friends and entrepreneurs, put them together in a highly charged brainstorming session, add a few drops of passion and a smidgen of frustration and bam! Inspiration. The Inspiration University (IU) was formed to create a network of resources including people, businesses and tools to support members individual goals. IU has three focuses: career, mental focus and motivation, and physical well-being. We decided to create an ultimate event that we personally would both love to attend, full of high-quality speakers, trainers and more, said Vicky. We wanted all things available to all women in one weekend in one place. And so the event Total Working Womens Convention was born. The event is not only about business, but also about health and mental wellness.