This is the latest formula for HAPPYness:

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Whatever you desire to attract into your life, we can help! There IS no secret to being happy and successful, that’s the “secret secret.” We all know what to do! The challenge for many of us is to simply do those things and maintain a positive attitude while we do them.

Our formulas for HAPPYness distill the Wise SOTSS philosophy for HAPPYness into simple equations to help you focus on whatever you are trying to attract into our lives. As Marce’ says, “It’s way easier to be happy than to be an old mopey thing all the time.”

We want to help others use positive thoughts and actions to produce positive results, to create HAPPYness! The formulas are fun visual reminders to stay on track. You can focus on the formula that speaks to your heart, reminds you of the actions you need to take to achieve your goals or helps you maintain a positive attitude, with gratitude.

We live in a constantly changing world. Every time you turn around, your favorite computer program or phone app is being updated, just when you were getting the hang of the old one. Technology, communication, and so many other things are changing at the speed of light. We develop new formulas as new needs arise in our own lives. Check back often, we may just post the one YOU need right now!