Pop, Country, Soul, Rap…whatever genre of music you love, you choose it because it moves you, it reminds you of a special time in your life and it brings back a certain feeling. It can inspire you to get up and dance, to reminisce with tears and even sing out loud…wrong! Yes, that’s right some of us sing along wrong. Either by choice or by accident. I’ve been a radio host for 34 years and from time to time I feel compelled to make up my own lyrics to a song. Sometimes it’s because I don’t really know the correct lyrics or on occasion it’s because my lyrics are funny and give a whole new meaning to a song. “Excuse me while I kiss this guy”… “Purple Haze”-Jimmy Hendrix. “I’ll never eat no pizza burger”…”Beast of Burden”-Rolling Stones. One of my favorites….”Ohhh little weenie, you got so much love little weenie”…”Little Jeannie”-Elton John. (I swear I’m not a 12 year old boy… lol)

Over the years many radio stations have tapped into this phenomenon with “Sing Along Wrong” contests for their listeners. It gave DJ’s a chance to really yuck it up on the air because it seems everyone can relate. Back in the 80’s I was working at a radio station where I had a bunch of kids calling my request line and asking “I want that new song, ‘Adults Deserve to Screw’”…WHAT???? We’re not playing anything like that on the air!!! It took me a minute to decipher what they meant. The song actually was “Don’t’ Disturb This Groove” by The System. But seriously, if you go and listen to it you’ll understand how this happened. It still makes me giggle. So enjoy your music, let it touch you, let it affect your mood and once in a while sing along wrong and let it tickle your funny bone. ~Susan

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